Getting A U.S. Green Card

Florida Attorney for Immigration Law and Green Card Issues

When you, or a family member, are eligible for an adjustment of status, call Florida's Mark Citrin, P.A. We are committed to effectively representing you, accurately completing the required paperwork and aggressively defending your application.

The green card application process is a complicated procedure requiring strict compliance with federal regulations and deadlines. Opportunities to make mistakes are plentiful; and mistakes, regardless of how minor, can result in application denial and, in extreme cases, deportation .

As you look for assistance with your green card application, you will find numerous immigration consultants offering their services. These non-attorney practitioners do not have the legal knowledge or qualifications necessary to properly help their clients. Often, the consultants' missteps and mistakes cause problems which may lead to the clients' removal from the country.

Do not let your dreams be destroyed by someone else's mistakes.

Regardless of what they promise or how much they charge, it is dangerous to utilize the services of non-attorney immigration consultants. We are qualified to appear before the courts, should that be necessary. When things go wrong, immigration consultants are not able to clean up the mess. When you need help, call Mark Citrin, P.A. If your case has been damaged by the mistakes of a consultant, contact us . Complex cases are welcomed in our law practice.

Since 1987 we have exclusively practiced immigration law. Our lawyer has developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the law and is well respected by the legal community.

At Mark Citrin, P.A., we conduct business in English, Russian, French and Creole. To discuss your permanent residency and citizenship naturalization concerns, please call us or e-mail us today. We care about you and strive to make legal services very accessible. Both of our centrally located offices are open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.