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The immigration process for a foreign fiancé

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Immigration

One of the more talked about immigration scenarios is getting a fiance visa. This is more officially called the K-1 visa, with an additional K-2 visa if your foreign fiance also has children to bring with them to your Florida home. These visas are intended as ways to bring families together through the immigration process so they can establish new lives together in the United States.

The rules for obtaining a fiance visa are fairly straightforward. There will need to be a plan for the marriage to happen within 90 days of the fiance arriving in the United States.

Circumstances where you are ineligible for a fiance visa

To apply for a fiance visa, you will need to meet a few different requirements.

These include:

-You can’t marry before applying for the fiance visa.

-In order to get the fiance visa the wedding needs to happen inside the United States.

-The fiance can’t already be residing legally in the country before you apply for a fiance visa.

In addition to the above requirements, it’s important to note that both parties must have genuine intent to establish a life together. It is not legal to get engaged or married for immigration benefits. Only apply for a fiance visa if you intend to truly marry and be partners for life.

The next step is to fill out Form I-129F to apply for a K-1 visa. As with any immigration process, it will be important to remain detail-oriented and keep good records as you proceed. Once you have the fiance visa, the fiance is in the country, and the marriage happens, then you can work toward helping your spouse gain a green card.