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Determining If You’re Eligible For A Provisional Waiver

Immigration is complicated to the point that no policy is perfect. US law allows for exceptions to be made in the form of waivers, but this process is complex. Our attorney Mark Citrin has decades of successful experience in this highly complicated area.

Considerations For Waivers

For those aliens who are ineligible to adjust their status to permanent residency in the USA due to various statutory bars or grounds of inadmissibility, they will have to seek an immigrant visa at a U.S. consulate abroad. Some of these grounds of inadmissibility are “waivable” so that the alien is not barred from reentering the USA potentially for a very long period of time if not permanently. Provisional waivers are designed to permit an alien who:

  • Had resided in the USA without lawful status for more than 6 months
  • Is the beneficiary of an approved immigrant petition, to depart the USA for a consular interview
  • Not be barred from returning to the USA due to “inadmissibility” for unlawful presence

There are also waivers of inadmissibility for many criminal convictions, prior immigration fraud, and other grounds of inadmissibility.

All of these waivers have complicated requirements. Certainly, no alien would like to depart the USA without knowing that he or she could return in a timely manner. Aliens should always hire an experienced, knowledgeable and diligent attorney when seeking any waiver of inadmissibility.

What Will Happen To My Status If I am Accused Of A Crime?

In order to become a lawful permanent resident, an alien must be “admissible” to the USA. Many of the grounds of “inadmissibility” are forgivable or “waivable” under our immigration laws. For instance, many criminal convictions or prior immigration frauds, which are statutory bars to permanent residency, may be waivable if the proper family ties exist in the USA and the alien establishes the requisite extreme hardship.

The law office of Mark Citrin, P.A., we have vast experience in successfully applying for waivers of inadmissibility for clients with criminal convictions, prior immigration frauds, or other characteristics that are considered inadmissible.

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