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Most Americans believe that there is a line that people must pass through in order to become a citizen. This is an understandable, but misleading, perception. One thing is certain, attaining citizenship does end your personal immigration battles.

The law office of Mark Citrin, P.A., has over 30 years of experience helping people through the naturalization process. From our Miami office, we offer support to people pursuing citizenship anywhere in the United States.

What To Expect In The Naturalization Process

Lawful permanent residents of the USA may be eligible to become U.S. citizens through naturalization after:

  • They had maintained a continuous period of physical presence in the USA
  • Lawful permanent residency for a continuous period of time
  • Good moral character for the “statutory period”
  • Show knowledge of English and American history/civics/geography

Some permanent residents will become U.S. citizens “automatically” by operation of law without the necessity of naturalization. Oftentimes, these particular aliens do not even know they are U.S. citizens already.

The law office of Mark Citrin, P.A., has decades of successful experience dealing with all naturalization issues, including good moral character, derivative citizenship, and seeking medical/psychological waivers of the English and civics requirements.

We have represented countless clients at naturalization examinations assuring that they are treated with respect by USCIS and their rights are protected so that they have the best opportunity to qualify for naturalization.

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From our Miami office, we work with immigrants from across Florida, up the East Coast and across the US, in English, French, Russian and Creole. Virtual consultations are available. Get in touch with us to find out how we can best help you with your questions of citizenship by emailing us or by calling 305-482-3922.