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More Than 30 Years of Excellence

More Than 30 Years of Excellence

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Which Immigration Agencies Will I Encounter?

Whether you are located in Florida, or anywhere else in the US, you need to be aware of what you will face when applying for immigration benefits. Specifically, you want to be familiar with the agencies that you will likely work with.

The United States Citizenship And Immigration Services

The federal agency USCIS is usually responsible for adjudicating applications for benefits under our immigration laws such as:

  • Visa petitions
  • Applications for change of extension of status
  • Applications for adjustment of status to permanent residency
  • Applications for naturalization

Immigration And Customs Enforcement

ICE is the federal immigration agency responsible for enforcing the immigration laws of the USA and removal orders of immigration judges. ICE, which is basically the police agency in the federal immigration system, arrests and detains aliens and maintains detention centers around the USA.

ICE also acts as the “prosecuting” agency in removal proceedings before immigration judges, providing the lawyers from its office of “Chief Counsel.” ICE also has authority to set immigration bonds for eligible, detained aliens, which if posted will result in the alien’s release from custody.

Not all aliens are eligible for ICE bonds such as “arriving aliens,” aliens with final orders of removal/deportation and aliens subject to mandatory detention due to the particular criminal conviction.

Customs And Border Protection

Customs and Border Protection or “CBP” is the federal immigration agency responsible for inspecting and admitting or paroling aliens into the USA at ports of admission. Typically, an alien applying for admission at a port is not entitled to an attorney. However, when CBP decides to “defer” the inspection to a later date, the alien may consult a lawyer, and the lawyer may appear with the alien at the “deferred inspection” in order to clarify legal issues that may arise.

How We Can Help

The law office of Mark Citrin, P.A., has successfully represented thousands of clients before the USCIS, ICE and CBP nationwide. We know what is expected of our clients when dealing with these agencies and prepare our clients in advance so they have the best chance of success.

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When you are prepared for your interactions with any immigration agency, your outcomes are likely to be vastly improved. Our main office is located in Miami, but we can help you wherever you are. Contact us using this email form or by calling 305-482-3922.