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Working To Unite Families Through The Immigration System

Families are important, and that is a fact worldwide. When people immigrate to the US, whether to Florida or Maine or anywhere in between, they will feel the loss of being separated from their families. That is why many immigrate with their families, but that comes with its own segment of challenges.

Our attorney Mark Citrin has been serving as an immigration and naturalization lawyer for more than 35 years, and he works with people to review their family immigration concerns. Our firm answers your questions and works hard to get you results.

Understanding Family Petitions

Most aliens emigrate to the USA based upon a family-based immigrant visa petition. U.S. citizens may petition for married and unmarried children, parents, siblings and spouses. Lawful permanent residents (green card holders) are only allowed to petition for spouses and unmarried children/sons and daughters.

There are many technical rules regarding “priority dates” (when the petition was filed), “preference categories” (which category does the beneficiary fit into), how they relate to each other in light of visa backlogs and the State Department’s monthly “Visa Bulletin,” and how beneficiaries can change preference categories or have their visa petitions terminated by operation of law based upon changes of personal circumstances. Also, there is a great deal of law on the effect of children “aging out” in visa petitions.

A Smooth Transition To A New Country

A knowledgeable, experienced lawyer is so important to you and your family members when pursuing a family-based immigrant visa case. The results would be much more fluid, efficient and less time-consuming. At the law office of Mark Citrin, P.A., we have decades of successful experience in providing clients the service and information they need to improve their situation in immigration matters.

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