Working With You To Overcome Immigration Obstacles

Our Immigration And Naturalization Services

For over 35 years attorney Mark Citrin, has offered in-depth, personalized service for the immigration needs of people in the Miami metro area and throughout Florida. We work diligently to help our clients navigate the legal process and resolve their concerns.

Guidance At Every Stage Of The Immigration Process

Our law firm is dedicated to educating our clients on the many aspects of the immigration process, such as:

  • Adjustment of Status: We can guide you through the complexities involved in changing your residency or green card status from temporary to permanent.
  • Appeals: Our long history dealing with the federal court system means we are familiar with what you face and can guide you to a strong outcome.
  • Asylum: People can petition the US government for residency if circumstances in their home country make them feel unsafe.
  • Cancellation of removal: If you are facing removal proceedings, you have options to remain in the US if you take the right steps.
  • U.S. citizenship and immigration services: These agencies will have a huge impact on your life and you deserve to understand each agency’s responsibilities.
  • Employment-based immigration: Going overseas for talent is common, but trouble with work visas can severely impact your bottom line without skilled representation.
  • Family-based immigration: Taking care of your family is a responsibility, and you want to have a game plan in place for any possible difficulties.
  • The citizenship process: The ultimate goal in the naturalization process is citizenship. It is not easy, but it is possible with the right help.
  • Waivers: No system is perfect, and when you face concerns outside the norm you can apply for a number of waivers to avoid certain complications.

No matter what part of the immigration process they navigate, we offer our clients personalized guidance based on decades of legal experience.

Hands-On Experience, Tailored To Your Needs

With our history working in the immigration system, you can count on us to prepare you for the obstacles you face. In addition to our office in Miami, we provide virtual consultations in Orlando. We can serve you in English, French, Creole or Russian. Contact Mark Citrin, P.A. today by sending an email or by calling 305-482-3922.